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Label kitting is a fantastic way to reduce costs and streamline your supply chain. We can provide you with every label needed for a particular product on one liner (sheet) or in a bag. When there are a number of common labels used on a variety of your products, we can kit them together as a master kit, then produce smaller kits specific to each product, and individual labels where needed.

We’re able to reduce our set-up times, material utilization and production time by producing labels as kits. We then pass those savings on to you, our customer.

Kitting is a great way to lower the cost of managing your commodities. Rather than manage several labels in your system, you’re now only managing, storing and picking one kit.

Kitting also reduces the opportunity for important labels to be left off your product. When production is applying the kitted labels, the liner or kit bag will reveal if a label is missed, ensuring every label is used and placed in the correct location.

We’ll work closely with your supply chain, engineering, and production teams to evaluate if kitting is right for you. Then we’ll design and produce cost effective kits to lower costs and streamline operations.

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Label Kitting
Label Kitting from iGraphics Precision Printing

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