Vendor Managed Inventory

Inventory Programs from iGraphics Precision Printing
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IGraphics provides Vendor Managed Inventory programs, helping you take advantage of economies of scale, streamline your supply chain and reduce your risk of line down situations. This lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) for your parts. We can provide a custom program, on or off-site, using one of our valued partners.

Economies of scale

Inventory programs allow you capitalize on economies of scale through increased order sizes, reducing our material and production costs. This provides you with a lower overall cost for your parts, saving you valuable dollars.

Streamline your supply chain

When iGraphics manages your inventory, it allows you to hold less parts in house. This means you can hang onto your cash until parts are released to your facility. Your staff will spend less time managing parts, allowing them to concentrate less on transactional orders and more on strategic buying opportunities.

Reduce risk

Having iGraphics manage your offsite inventory brings peace of mind knowing inventory is available when you need it based on a mutually agreeable min/max system at the start of the program. We’ll evaluate the usage of your parts on an ongoing basis and make suggestions for new inventory levels to minimize your risk. With iGraphics managing your offsite inventory, line down situations will be a thing of the past.


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