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Die Cut Labels from iGraphics Precision Printing
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Whether you’re going to print your own serial or barcode labels in-house or want a custom printed solution, iGraphics can help you with your custom die cut insulators for electrical, heat and fire insulation. We use Formex, Statex, fish paper, vinyl and polycarbonate films to create high quality custom die cut insulators.

Product Highlights

We can create a custom die cut part and score materials to fit your enclosure or product. Provide us with a mechanical drawing and we can create an insulator for you. Call us for capabilities and specifications on the various materials we offer–from Statex and Formex to fish paper, vinyl and polycarbonate.

Product Features

We provide stock thermal labels and ribbons with a variety of material options such as paper, polyester, vinyl, metalized polyester, and aluminum or steel nameplates that are either screen printed, engraved, or use the metal photo process. We can custom print your label or nameplate with sequential numbers, barcodes, QR codes, model numbers and other We can custom die cut and score insulators up to 24″ x 36″ blade to blade, on material thicknesses up to 30 thousandths. Our custom parts can be used as shields, insulators, gaskets, vibration control and masking.

Die-cut Custom Labels
Fret Mask from iGraphics Precision Printing
Die Cut Labels from iGraphics Precision Printing

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